Wow. A longer entry about today’s Sox-Yanks game is in the works, but for the moment, there is one thing which bears mentioning, separately and explicitly.
Today’s game marked a career high in strikeouts for Tim Wakefield: 12 in a single game. 12 is also the most strikeouts by any Red Sox pitcher so far this year. My scoresheet features notes to this effect, jotted in the margin, with arrows pointing to the particular at-bats — Giambi’s and A-Rod’s in the bottom of the sixth — in which Wake tied and then surpassed his previous career high of 11 Ks in a game, which had come back in August against the Twins. Joe & Jerry were anticipating this in their commentary when Wake struck out three batters in a row in the bottom of the fifth — his seventh, eighth, and ninth strikeouts of the game.
It is also worth noting that Wake only walked a single batter, Jorge Posada, just before issuing Ks seven, eight, and nine.
Today’s WEEI broadcast featured some quality banter from Joe and Trup, including an anecdote and some speculation about Don Orsillo’s coiffure. Apparently one of them once saw Don open up his briefcase to reveal within an enormous hairbrush (“Head of the hairbrush — size of a cigar box!”), though there was some doubt about whether the NESN broadcaster actually uses it. The radio announcers seemed to think that some other mysterious styling product was the culprit: “If it’s not industrial strangth hairspray, it’s glue.”
And, for those of you who wanted to know a bit more about Sox-related personal hygeine, our EEI guys verified that, unlike some knuckleballers, “Wakefield does not [use fake fingernails to get a better grip on the ball]. But I’m sure he’s always well-manicured.”


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