I guess I should write for the Globe

…because Bob Ryan and I wrote the exact same article about yesterday’s game.

For the second time in five days — I’m including now the Tuesday night David Ortiz walkoff home run game — we bore witness to an uplifiting game in which winner and loser were filled with dignity. With yesterday’s 1-0 loss to the Yankees, the Red Sox ended up 1-1 in those games, and if some fan can’t accept that, perhaps he or she needs a little remedial baseball education. The opportunity to see games like these is what following the sport is supposed to be all about. Your team isn’t supposed to win ’em all.

Okay, that’s it. I’m giving up on this grad school thing and moving back to Boston to be a sportswriter.
Hat-tip to JCB for drawing my attention to the article in a frustrated email “comment” — though, given my recent record for reading Globe Red Sox coverage article for article, I probably would have found it myself in about five minutes.


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