A pair of White Sox.

I think Wells is much better looking behind his glove.
He might try pitching like that, too. It certainly wouldn’t make much of a difference whether he could see home plate or not.
Seriously, though: this is a game we could have won and should have won, and it speaks to the generally poor performance the Sox have been putting up lately. Hopefully Fenway Park will work its magic on Friday; hopefully a day’s rest will do us good; hopefully Wake will be the Wake we have gotten used to this year, rather than the Wake of his last outing. Hopefully the night will be cool, the wind will be blowing, and the knuckler will be dancing.
At this point, we have to resign ourselves to a full five games if we want to have a chance at winning.
And if we don’t, at least Abby and I will be able to concentrate on our work again.


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