Numerous updates!

Okay, so.

  • Last week I made just about the tastiest apple pie I’ve ever had. There is a picture of it here, along with photos from the pumpkin-carving event to which I brought it. I’m contemplating a repeat culinary performance this afternoon, prior to some tentative Fall Classic action. Hippo, I thought of you with regards to the pie. Isn’t it like your birthday or something nowish?
  • If you haven’t already, please watch The Teen Girl Squad Tenth Issue-versary. We’re talking comedic brilliance here.
  • Have I mentioned the woodstove? We have a woodstove here. I love the woodstove. It’s warm and wonderful and makes approaching the house on a chilly evening a most pleasant aesthetic experience. The porch light on, the smell of woodsmoke, and my housemates being ridiculous inside.
  • The word of the day: fautumn. Somewhere between ‘fall’ and ‘autumn’ there exists ‘fautumn,’ when everyone wears corduroy. Lisa’s (accidental) coinage, Abby’s definition. Please use accordingly and thank you!
  • On the way to breakfast a couple weekends ago, I saw a rather familiar-looking vehicle on a trailer parked on East Johnson Street. I took a picture for posterity. Those of you who have followed the boat-builders project may recognize it.
  • Speaking of 1960s American automobiles, I’m reading excerpts from Nader’s Unsafe At Any Speed for my critiques of technology class, and finding myself shockingly intimately familiar with the construction of that era of Chevrolet. Also (Josh and Scott will appreciate this), there’s a section in the first chapter in which Nader talks about a handful of Corvair enthusiasts around the country, one of whom does his work from his Lime Rock, CT workshop. How’s about that, huh? Of course, now I fully understand why my folks started buying Swedish automobiles when they came back from Europe.
  • Academic updates:
    • Structure was great, and discussion in 720 has been really good these past few weeks, as have been the donuts. Here’s to Mike Shank.
    • The slides shown in Rebecca’s talk on wax anatomical modeling in early modern Italy were probably not ideal for a lunchtime brown bag — or maybe I shouldn’t have gotten East African food.
    • Karl Jacoby’s Crimes Against Nature: Squatters, Poachers, Thieves, and the Hidden History of American Conservation is a very worthwhile book, and I’m really looking forward to discussion on Tuesday.
  • This week is going to be another long and difficult one. Wish me luck.

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