The other kind of productivity.

I didn’t get much schoolwork done today, but I did manage to drive Abby and Martha to Target and the grocery store, where we did some surprisingly efficient and plentiful shopping. I also did laundry, tidied my room, started this week’s 720 reading, thought about my writing assignment for Tuesday, read a bit of the Sunday Times, listened to the Mozart Horn Concerto LP I got from the Memorial Library book sale a couple weeks ago for a buck, organized my desk, did some peer editing on tfaz’s grad school statement, made dinner, and baked an apple pie with the Northern Spies I managed to find at the farmers’ market on Saturday. They’re a bit small, and sweeter than I expected, but nice and firm — and the pie was once again delicious. I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow. Yessir.
Tomorrow I’m going to spend working on compiling an annotated bibliography for my 632 research paper on environmentalism, so there’s much to be done. I did manage to get a good jump on the week’s reading — for Cronon’s seminar and 332, at least — so that should help make the week a bit easier. In addition to the bibliography, I’ve got a short writing assignment for Cronon and a reading response for 332 — nothing more than a page, so I should be fine.
In other news, WS game 2 was pretty exciting. A tie game for several innings, then a 4-2 Houston lead, followed by a sketchy HBP call to load the bases up for a Konerko grand slam that made it 6-4 Chicago. Then the Astros tied it up again in the top of the ninth when pinch-hitter Vizcaino hit a two-run single, making things interesting once again. But then Scott Podsednik, homerless throughout the regular season, hit his second postseason home run to win the game for the White Sox. Pretty nuts.
At Target today, I got myself some moccasin-type suede slippers on the cheap. I love ’em already. Time for email, contemplation of the week ahead, and bed.


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