And the band played on…

This morning, while Abby and I baked pies and prepared for tonight’s enormous meal, I put on Moxy Früvous’s Live Noise, an album I’d not listened to much at all since my first years in college. The impulse came from a conversation on the way to HSS/SHoT with Matt Lavine while listening to some stuff off of Video Bargainville, which reminded me of the band on which I’d been rather fixated, like many other MIT students, at the time; and from Whiskey Friday’s banjo playing, which got the opening riff from ‘Michigan Militia’ (the first song on Live Noise) stuck in my head. So I grabbed the CD, and danced around the kitchen this morning, singing along and cooking.
Früvous was always a silly but incredibly talented and fun band, not unlike TMBG; Live Noise is such a great album because it really captures what it was like to go to one of these guys’ shows. It’s full of inter-song banter and improv, incredibly high-energy, and thoroughly entertaining. And it’s great to go back to an album you know intimately but haven’t heard in years — there’s something reassuring about it, like catching up with an old friend, or reading a beloved novel for the third or fourth time.
I’d also forgotten how many really lovely songs are on that album: ‘Horseshoes’, with the amazing lyrics, ‘Look straight at the coming disaster / realize what you’ve lost’; ‘Fly’, which seems to make a lot more sense to me now than it did when I was eighteen; and the final ballad ‘The Drinking Song’.
Anyway, good stuff. Time for a run.


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