Bluegrass and baking.

The fingertip guitar calluses on my left hand had been fading since coming to graduate school — until this past week, when informal and impromptu music came back into my life for the first time, really, since college, or even high school, if you want to talk about it in any really meaningful way.
Last week, Sarah (our rad, flannel-clad forester-cum-environmental-historian friend from Bill’s seminar) discovered that I play guitar, and invited Abby and I to come by her house for the next Whiskey Friday, where a bunch of random music players and learners get together, eat and drink whiskey, and play bluegrass. We headed over there last night after sundaes with Paul — me with my guitar, Abby with a pot and a wooden spoon — and were welcomed by about a dozen folks already playing some rather astonishingly good music on guitars, a string bass, a fiddle, a banjo, a mandolin, some lap steel, and a washboard. We hung out for about an hour, drinking, learning songs, running through chord progressions, and generally enjoying a musical free-for-all. It was the first time I’d played with a group of people for any length of time since high school, and it was awesome. Everyone sang, played, tapped their feet and hands, clapped; someone busted out the spoons; Abby scratched away at the washboard; one woman danced as she played the mandolin and sang. We sounded good, we were having fun, and it was completely open and informal and unintimidating. A host of skill levels, an atmosphere incredibly conducive to learning, and a straight-up good time.
Today, Abs and I woke up and baked two pies, picked up our turkey, made stuffing, and had an overwhelmingly productive homemaking morning in preparation for this evening’s Ingersoll Practice Thanksgiving. We’re expecting about 20 people over the course of the evening; we decided that, though it’s pot luck, we needed to be sure we had a head start on pie varieties. It just isn’t Thanksgiving without ridiculous quantities of pie.
I still have an apple pie to throw in the oven when the turkey comes out, but before then I’m going to do some reading, go for a run, and shower.
And maybe play a little guitar.


2 thoughts on “Bluegrass and baking.

  1. Sounds awesome, Am. Good times. I back the running initiative. I’ve been pondering doing a bit of that myself, since the ol’ belly has resurfaced.

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