We grad students sure are smart.

SCENE: Interior kitchen, before a large dinner party. ABBY and AMRYS are putting away the dishes.
ABBY: We don’t have very many knives.
AMRYS: What do we need them for? The turkey?
ABBY: Yeah, cutting the turkey. I mean, people could use the sides of their forks, or share maybe…
AMRYS: …Or we could ask people to bring their own.
ABBY: Ah, like a B.Y.O.N.
ABBY: K! I mean B.Y.O.K.!


5 thoughts on “We grad students sure are smart.

  1. It is a sad time, when people can’t carry their own pocket knives–at least a Swiss Army Knife. How grad students have changed. Not a cork screw ( don’t need them any more); not a knife. Thank God for fingers and incisors.

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