Not your traditional Thanksgiving.

The menu for this evening:

Mixed green salad with blue cheese dressing
Gnocchi in a mushroom cream sauce
Beef stroganoff
…and possibly sundaes for dessert.

My contribution: two bottles of Côtes de Rhône, and kitchen assistance once we head over to Kellen and Mitch’s. I can’t say I have any complaints about Paul and Kellen spearheading the cooking, having exhausted my own culinary ambitions for the week on Saturday.
Meanwhile, I’ve been consuming the turkey soup I made on Tuesday out of Saturday’s bird, which will probably last another day or two. It’s perfect for the weather, which has been freezing cold, clear, and blustery. When I awakened this morning, my windows were completely covered with frost. It’s going to be quite a winter.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


5 thoughts on “Not your traditional Thanksgiving.

  1. A belated and exponentially Happy Thanksgiving, Sweetheart! and you’ll be glad to learn that we ~ all of us ~ had a gr-ea-eet! time at Becky and Rich’s yesterday! not least because it was so glad to see Erin again after sooooooooooooo long apart! and that your very own name was part of the blessing. Blessings upon you.

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