A dusting.

I opened the shades this morning to find a dusting of snow over everything. The forecast is calling for intermittent snow for the rest of the day. Sounds like my kind of weather. Breakfast is coffee and a Bruegger’s bagel with cream cheese, red pepper, and red onion. Good morning!


4 thoughts on “A dusting.

  1. We had about 5 minutes of snow yesterday evening, which just happened to overlap with my walk home. It made me laugh out loud in delight.

  2. Was supposed to go to cabin to cut the last length of a new trail with Dan today but rain is promised so we agreed to suspend until EARLY Friday (his afternoon is taken). [I’ll pay bills roday, instead, and write at least two article.] SWMBO tells me there will be snowfall by Friday: would God dare cross her? There is for sure no snow here YET, but we hear there is “incoming” as early as overnight. Saturday, I’ll be a driver for the guys on watch…maybe Sunday too. You, MRhe, and Foon sound happy: stay that way!

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