Snowy weekend.

It’s been a weekend of snow and good company here in Mad City. Friday night, Abby, Udi, Joe, Katie, Paul, and I went out for Indian food at Maharajah on Lien Rd. We came back to the house stuffed, drank some wine, and watched an episode of Sex and the City — such was the nature of our food coma.
I spent Saturday reading, doing work for my 639 paper, and enjoying the snow that fell all day long. In the evening, I trekked over to the Co-op for some cheese, nuts, dates, and bread, and talked to Rodin on the phone on my way back. I came back, talked with Abby for a while, and decided to take a bath, since I was feeling a little tired. Later, I made some dinner and, since I couldn’t concentrate on reading, vegged out in front of some Law & Order SVU before heading over to Paul’s for the party Miller and Maddy (well, mostly Miller) were hosting. Paul and I were able to convince Abby to head on over after her dinner at someone else’s house, and we hung out with Keenan, Miller, and Palotti. We didn’t end up staying up too late — Abby and I headed home by midnight — but it was good fun all the same.
Today we had our traditional megabreakfast an hour early, to accomodate the increased end-of-semester workload. I made coffee and whipped up some apple pancakes, and Martha, Paul, Abby, (and later Udi) and I dug in. It was sunny and cold out, and the light on the snow was beautiful. The forecast seems to indicate that the snow will not be melting for a while. I couldn’t be happier. Or, rather: I couldn’t be happier, if only all my work were done.
Okay, off to write the first of my three final papers. So little time!


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