I woke up at 8 a.m. today and have been working on this paper pretty much ever since — the only breaks have been to prepare food and eat, go to the bathroom, make tea, and answer the telephone. I now have an almost complete draft of the first of my three big papers, and I’m feeling good. My bed is covered with photocopies of articles, my floor with books. The sun has set, I’ve been writing all day, and it’s time for dinner and my first real break. I’ve printed out a copy of what I’ve got so far, so I’ll sit down with that, read it and think about it, and make some notes before I go back to the computer. Depending on my mindset, I may try and do some other work — reading for 720, a quick writeup for 339 — but in any event, I’m done with the day’s big push. If I can keep up this level of productivity and momentum, I will be absolutely golden.
Can I geek out for a second? I’ve been learning BibTeX these past few weeks, and I’d like to point out the merits of jurabib, a highly customizable BibTeX style for law and the humanities.
Okay, enough of that. I’m off to have some pasta and a glass of wine!


5 thoughts on “Discipline.

  1. Nice work! I’ll have to show you my modified
    version of the opcit style sometime. It generates
    footnotes and bibliography pages — I strongly
    dislike paranthetical citations — and automatically
    switches to “Ibid.” (with the proper amount of
    additional info) where necessary.

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