Remaining things, revisited.

Let’s see that again:

  • final paper for Bill’s class handed in today at breakfast
  • final paper for Mike’s class
  • short paper for Eric’s class printed and ready to hand in tomorrow with my final copy of the other research paper

I’ve even made some progress on Mike’s paper, of which I have several (thus far inchoate) pages written at present. The plan for tomorrow: get up, have eggs and home fries and coffee, and write pretty much straight until I’m done with the last paper, taking breaks to eat leftover curry at such times as I become hungry. There may also be an afternoon trip to campus to drop off a ridiculous number of library books with Kellen, and to drop off my papers at Eric’s office.

Abby left for home today shortly after we got back from breakfast at Bill’s, which was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. The discussion ended up being pretty good, and I think I even said some worthwhile things, which always makes me feel better. I came home and wrote pretty much all afternoon and evening, with only a break to make myself some dinner and take JCB’s phone call when it came in.

And now: bed. Pretty soon, I’ll be home, and all of this will be over. I cannot begin to tell you how good that will feel. I think about it every night before I fall asleep, exhausted.


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