It’s official. I’m done.


4 thoughts on “\end{semester}

  1. Ooh, I’ll jump in on this one!
    He’s a greedy, barely-literate professional athlete whose interest in his temporary home city goes only as deep as his paycheck – in other words, he’s just like almost every other professional athlete.
    Dan Shaughnessy’s laughable spasms in the Globe about Damon leaving were yet another reminder that, for the most part, pretending professional athletes and the businessmen who control them are anything more than employees in a massive, unbelievably lucrative corporation is…well, at this point, more or less inexcusable. You don’t have to take away the loveliness of baseball to see the ugliness in pro ball.
    Over/under on the Yanks has gotta be around 100+ wins this year, huh?

  2. Nice – it took me a second, but I got it…. LaTeX
    Yea – this is like the first time I’ve looked at this blog. Got here from AdrianIsRad. He wasn’t entertaining enough for me.
    Looks like a fine upstanding page you have here.

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