Boxing Day.

Today my mom and I did our best to hit up some after-Christmas sales at the mall, but only lasted about an hour or so before we were overwhelmed with the urge to go home and have some barscht and ushki. I did get some much-needed long-sleeved tees and a couple of sweaters, though.
After lunch, I played some piano and crocheted a bit. I’ve finished one scarf and am well on my way to finishing a second, which I started only yesterday. I also plowed through The Lion, the Witch, and he Wardrobe this evening, as my parents keep talking about seeing the movie, and if I’m to go with them, I want the story to be fresh in my head. In my childhood volume, I found the ticket stub from a performance of Narnia by the New York State Theater Institute at the Egg, circa December 1990. It’s been a long time.
I made a bit of headway in Freddy and Fredericka, and resurrected Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, which I’d not looked at in maybe ten years. It’s nice the way pieces sometimes start to come back to you once you sit down with the music. I think that my sight-reading might not be as horrendous as I’ve feared all these years. It’s nothing to brag about, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either.
My folks and I went for a walk this afternoon before coming back to get dinner ready. After our meal, we hunkered down in the den for the original 1933 King Kong, which, much to my pleasure, was playing on Turner Classic Movies. We ate some of the leftover chocolate souffle from Christmas dinner, drank coffee, and I crocheted while we watched. We were so full that we never made it to dad’s delicious popcorn.
I played a bit more piano before heading upstairs, then tidied up my room a bit. Dad had the History channel on in their room, and I heard talk of biblical prophecy. Sure enough, when I went in to watch, it was all about Dispensationalism, and they were even interviewing the UW’s own Paul Boyer, who had given the Merle Curti lectures this past semester on that very topic. It made for interesting before-bedtime conversation with the folks.
And now: bedtime! Hopefully some time with Steph tomorrow.


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