Take me back to Tech…

Well, folks, here I am back in m12-182, and it’s a sight to behold: a room full of SunBlade 1500s with Sun flat panel displays. Other changes to the ‘Tute include a renovation of Building 6 (in progress), the completion of the Broad and the new BCS building, a renovation of the Building 4 Coffee Shop (now apparently called “Cafe Four”), and another equally dumb renovation of Lobdell. Face it, guys: the food sucks, and no amount of cosmetics will fix that. Oh, and there is of course a new cluster combo.
I had lunch with the OCW folk, and stopped by Admissions on my way in to say hi to Ben and company. It’s one of those rainy January days in Boston where it can’t quite decide whether or not it wants to snow. I’m hoping that it turns — snow is, in my mind, far preferable to this fickle half-rain.
I met up with Sherv and Jack for lunch at the CBC yesterday — we drank barleywine and shot the shit for almost two hours before I headed across the river to meet Laura before she left for her new residence in Florida. We walked around the Common and the Public Garden, she told me about her engagement, and we talked about life and moving forward and family and relationships, and enjoyed the beautiful day in the heart of our beloved city. After she left to pack up the car with Kevin, I walked around Beacon Hill, gave Paul a call in Madison, and walked back over the Longfellow to Cambridge and into Central Square, where I took the T back to Laurie’s place in Porter.
LB and I made a pizza and drank wine and did a jigsaw puzzle; her housemate Laura helped, and Scott came over to help with the pizza and have ice cream sundaes with us. Eventually all four of us were gathered around the table, putting together pieces, listening to music, talking, and having a great time. We made it a relatively early night, as today was the first day back to school for this house full of teachers.
I’m trying to figure out how best to spend my afternoon here in greater Boston. I’m contemplating something involving coffee from the 1369. But, at least, for now, it’s time to get out of the cluster.


One thought on “Take me back to Tech…

  1. I gather the food is totally different in Lobdell now. Not that it’s good (the Tech article I read claimed it was worse) but it’s not like Lobdell is this black hole where any food prepared will automatically suck.
    Frankly for the first few years of my undergradness, I ate at Lobdell all the time (not that I’m a picky eater.) What really killed them, in my opinion, are hours… by the time I graduated, it seemed like they were open something like Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 1:30. People aren’t going to eat there if they can’t plan to eat there, and they can’t plan to eat there if it’s never open.
    Fortunately for me, Spike’s is open past midnight.

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