The past two nights, we here in the Williams household have dusted off the turntable and busted out the records: 33s and 45s, Debussy and We Five, Buffalo Springfield and the Everly Brothers, Barry McGuire and Neil Sedaka. We’ve danced around the kitchen and the living room, sung out loud, reminisced, talked, and had a great time. Tonight, we celebrated Dad and Bobbi Place’s birthdays with a dinner of Coquilles Saint Jacques over rice, asparagus, salad, and carrot cake for dessert, along with coffee and 45s.
There is a whole stack of records from my uncle’s old collection on the bookshelf in my room. Unfortunately, I probably can’t take them all back with me now — and, of course, I hardly have a place for them in Madison, having run out of space in my stereo cabinet long ago — but there is at least one record that will be going with me, maybe a few more if there’s room.
But back to the popular music. There’ve got to be dozens of near-bests in this 45 collection. One of the best intros ever recorded: “For What It’s Worth.” Perfect pop songs: “You Were on My Mind” and “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.” I could go on for a long time. We listened to a lot of records.
It’s nice to be reminded of what a label means.


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