Return to the Isthmus.

Well, chronosilence is back up, and so is the blog, events that find me back in Madison on the second day of classes. It would have been nice to have maybe five days instead of two before jumping right back into the grad school routine, but things have been good so far, and not too inordinately stressful. I already have a bunch of reading to do, but it’s still early enough in the semester that I have time to do other things as well — so hopefully I’ll be able to finish Freddy & Fredericka in the next week or so. Ideally, I’d like to maintain my pre-bedtime novel-reading for as longs as possible this term — but we’ll see how that goes.
I got back on Saturday, after what ended up being a longer set of flights than I anticipated, due to some delayed baggage in Detroit — but Paul was there to meet me at the airport, and we went right home and finished cooking up a Thai green curry, which positively hit the spot. My flight hadn’t gotten in until about 8 pm, so it wasn’t long till I was fast asleep.
Sunday, I got up and went to Sophia’s and brought back pastries for Paul and Miller and I, and we had coffee and ate and watched Meet the Press and Market to Market. Madeline soon joined us, and we threw in Anchorman for some midday inanity. Eventually, I got to unpacking and room-organizing and semester-planning. By the time I was wrapping that up, Abby had arrived on her long car trip from Boston, and I helped her unload her stuff. She and Joe and Martha and I caught up, and later that evening Paul and I went out to see Good Night, and Good Luck at Westgate, which proved to be a marvelous choice.
Monday was an errand day: Jenny Street Market, Co-op, Walgreen’s… I even made a doctor’s appointment and a dentist appointment, and motivated Abby to do the same. Paul, Miller, and I made dinner, and rented The 40-Year-Old Virgin (Bongo didn’t have the Pink Panther movie we wanted, and we stupidly decided to postpone a viewing of Three Amigos! — MISTAKE!). It was riotously funny at moments, and very very strange in a not-good way at others. And Age of Aquarius will never, ever be quite the same.
On the first day of classes, I got to catch up with a bunch of people: Kellen, Bridget, Peter, Fae, David, Hilary. Abby, Paul, and I caught the bus home at the end of the day, went to the liquor store, and made another curry for dinner. Abby and I then went out for pitchers at the Weary with Andrew and Sarah, and stayed far later than we had ever anticipated we would.
And now: I go home to make myself a sandwich and do some reading, and think about what I’m going to have for dinner.


One thought on “Return to the Isthmus.

  1. I’ve been reading before bed, too. Independent People, by Halldór Laxness, is the current book. It’s pretty good — full of a dry, bitter humor. It also contains perhaps one of the most terrifying descriptions of terror itself that I have ever encountered. I had trouble getting to sleep because I was so disturbed.

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