New terminology:

F-bomb: Any reference to Michel Foucault in a scholarly work. Also dropping the F-bomb, the act of mentioning said author.

And for those of you still in Cambridge, I just learned of this usage, not necessarily related to the above: “dropping the H-bomb,” i.e. telling the girl (or guy) you’re on a date with that you go to Harvard. Weirdly apocalyptic, don’t you think? But then again, it does seem to indicate that they actually date outside their university.
In MIT’s defense (or disgrace, whichever you prefer — I’m up in the air myself), one of its recent alums is now on the WB’s Beauty and the Geek 2, this fellow. I knew he looked familiar, and sure enough, a quick alum query and some minor athena-poking-around tells me he lived on Tetazoo. Ah, thank goodness for the “new social experiment from the daring mind of Ashton Kutcher.”


2 thoughts on “Vocabulaire.

  1. Yeah, I saw a MH folder in his Public, and guessed as much, given his Tetazoo affiliation. I said as much to Paul, who was, I think, still laughing at me for immediately consing up info on the guy. But, hey, it’s what you do, right?

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