Final schedule.

As of today, I know what I’m taking this semester. There was a lot of running around these past couple of weeks, checking different things out and getting professorial advice, but now we’re settled on the following:

  • HS 394 / Science in America / Ron Numbers
  • HS 532 / History of the (American) Body / Judy Houck
  • HS 903 / Early Modern Scientific Biography / Florence Hsia
  • RS 985 / Sociology of Environment, Technology, and Agrofood Systems (a.k.a. SociETAS) / Jack Kloppenberg
  • C&I 732 / Foundations of Science Education / John Rudolph

The C&I class is in the Ed School, and is a history of science education in America. I’m just auditing it, since I already have a lot on my plate, but it promises to be really interesting.
The nice side effect of my schedule as it stands: I never have class before 11, and I have no class at all on Wednesdays.


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