Rainy day.

It’s been a grey one here in Madison, spent reading at home and working at the library.. Paul and I had some leftover gypsy soup here, drank some wine, and talked for a long while, before venturing out on a lengthy walk, on which we got a bit sodden. And now I am pleasantly tired, drying off with a hot cup of tea (milk, sugar), reading old poetry and thinking I should write some more.
Tomorrow: an early start with some reading and coffee, the weekly Sunday megabreakfast, and more work, before an evening dinner Abby and I are hosting with (hopefully) Paul, Martha, Miller, Joe, David, Becca, Kellen, and Mitch. Abby’s organized a reading group and decided that we’ll be talking about excerpts from Discipline and Punish Tuesday night. Over beer. Which I think will be important for that.
Monday I think I’ll register my car in Wisconsin, and maybe hit the library in the afternoon before class.
I like the rain.


4 thoughts on “Rainy day.

  1. I would be glad if you would take some of the rain here off of my hands. I can fax it to you if you like. Also, have you replied to my letter of old yet? Did it get lost in the mail? No sweat if you haven’t, but I want to pick things back up if the postman screwed us over.

  2. “This section” iS a bit peaked these days: beat with overwork and happy with Life.
    Well…I would think so anyhow, wouldn’t I.

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