Beer, brats, and Cervantes?

The Center for the Humanities here on campus is hosting a program on Don Quixote called Don Quixote in Wisconsin.” Part of the deal is this thing on Friday called “Books as Machines,” which looks awesome. I’m in the library right now, and before I leave I plan to pick up the readings so I can go. Thanks to the inimitable Mike Shank for the infos.


4 thoughts on “Beer, brats, and Cervantes?

  1. Perhaps it turns out that … some of the deconstructive analysis of texts and history that once appeared also deconstructive of good sense and (just so) persuaded students of another age to engage other pursuits … actually resulted in something meaningful.
    Tell me (later) what you find that something to be, for it surely is intriguing to see the teaser materials.

  2. Good sense? What, the New Criticism, reader-response stuff? Plain ol’ fashioned hermeneuticles? Surely you’re not talking about *stylistics*. (Stanley Fish’s rip on the stylistics guys, a pair of essays from Way Back When, remains one of the funniest pieces of literary criticism, like, EVAR.)
    ‘Good commenting as such’,

  3. Shit, dude, mine too. What just happened?
    It’s strange that hermeneutics has come up twice today now, considering it’s a word whose meaning I don’t think I really knew — though I’d looked it up before. (The first instance was in an article I was reading for Science in America on the emergence of higher criticism in biblical scholarship in the late eighteenth/early nineteenth centuries, and the collapse of the “Baconian Compromise.” Speaking of books.)
    I picked up the readings at Memorial today. We’ll see if I (a) have time to read them and (b) make it to the seminar on Friday morning, since Friday mornings are usually my time-to-sleep-in mornings.

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