Why I love the snow.

  1. While shoveling the walk this morning, one of my friends walks by on his way to the bus and we chat. “I was really bummed last weekend when Boston got snow and we didn’t,” he tells me. I agree.
  2. While digging out my car this afternoon so I could move it for the declared snow emergency, a dude rides by on an ATV with a plow (yes, even in one of those insulated camo jumpsuits — eerily Good Doc). “Step aside,” he says, and proceeds to finish the job for me in two sweeps. I thank him prodigiously; he smiles and drives off into the blizzard.
  3. Half the stores on State Street are closed. My evening class is cancelled. I make chicken and biscuits at home while listening to Wisconsin Public Radio; at the moment I tune in, Smetana’s Die Moldau is on.
  4. Shoveling is good exercise, and that shovel I keep in the back of my car works like a charm. Light, compact, fabulous. The car runs great, too, and handles well in the snow.
  5. Hot food tastes better.

Among other things…


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