Not a popular subject…

Of the thirteen books I checked out of the library today, only one had a barcode on it — which meant that not only was I the first person to request these titles in recent years (and, for at least one of the dozen, the first person ever — most of the rest hadn’t been looked at since the 1930s), but that I was also obliged to stand there and wait while the remaining twelve were stickered and their new barcodes associated with their records in MadCat (yes, that is the name of our catalog). Fortunately, I had a lovely conversation with the fellow at the circulation desk, who turned out to have some interesting personal anecdotes relating to the subject of my research, and to whom I gave my contact information in the event that summer employment becomes available.
Apparently nobody’s interested in vocational agricultural education in the turn-of-the-century U.S. except me. And maybe Ron at Memorial Library…


3 thoughts on “Not a popular subject…

  1. that totally happened to me in high school — we could use the UIUC stacks for our senior US history class and I got some books on chinese labor in the south during reconstructions which had never been checked out.
    it’s funny how they only barcode books as they come out — having something that simple be a big waste of time seems odd in this age of automation, but you need stacks monkeys to do that and they have to be shelving.

  2. You, ron at the library, and every Land Grant college and Cooperative Extension agency across the face of the United States — to all of wom and which you shall be making a contribution beyond present imagination.

  3. I have the opposite problem — it seems that I always have to recall a book to be able to have a look at it…

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