How I love to sit and watch the seconds multiply…

My new alarm clock arrived in the mail today. It’s a Wehrle ‘Commander’ model, and Wehrles are apparently some of the best mechanical clocks you can buy. One thing’s for sure: it ticks loudly.
It comes with a two-year warranty, and all the gears and such are actually made of brass, not plastic, so I hope not to have to purchase another winding clock for a very long time. I’ve been a Baby Ben devotee since high school, but they’re harder and harder to find in the stores, and when they break, they break. I get the sense they’re just not made as well as they used to be. Probably because nobody buys mechanical alarm clocks anymore.
At any rate, I’m very pleased with its styling and appearance, not to mention the alacrity with which it arrived on my doorstep since ordering it just a few days ago. We’ll see how it fares in the morning.


10 thoughts on “How I love to sit and watch the seconds multiply…

  1. I just thought I’d point out that this is an extremely Scottoluddesque entry.
    That is all.
    -Pabst, Jr.

  2. There was this teacher in high school that gave very difficult and long timed tests. Almost no one would finish them.
    I got a clock similar to your new one that ticked very loudly and proceeded to give myself test quizes with this clock running, to remind myself of the passing time. I proceeded to get 170% on the next test.
    Yup, that’s my large, loud alarm clock story.

  3. Pabst sees you for just one of the reasons why we love you (and Scotto, of course)!
    Got over it and, Whew! do my bowels feel better! Danged…even my socks smell better since I left Pabst and Piels and Black Label and Shlitz and … etc., which of course means “They left me.”
    So tell us by email, which model Commander did you offend your sleep, unsleep, and tirelessness with? (Shucks, my only Commander is the Model .45! YOUR numbers go all the way to five digits: Wow!

  4. I can’t believe that there are this many comments on this post and yet none of them are about the title.
    Regarding the snooze button: I don’t need one. I almost never only wake up halfway, and if I do end up wanting to sleep later than I anticipated, I reset my alarm. Also, when I set an alarm, it usually means I have someplace to be or something to do at a certain time, and I either need to get up or don’t have to at all.
    In the end, I just really dislike digital clocks. It’s a personal preference, plus I have a conception of time based on an analog clock, and reading a digital clock requires going through a conversion filter in order to actually know (rather that just be able to say) what time it is. I imagine if I had learned to tell time on digital clocks, I would feel differently.
    Also, I don’t like my clock being illuminated at night. Although if I had a Nixie tube clock, that would probably be cool enough (for a number of reasons) for me to maybe make an exception to my digital clock ban.

  5. A) I don’t get the title reference. Song lyric? Movie/book quotation? Inner monologue?
    B) You need a conversion filter to understand the time on a digital clock? I might give you this if you were using a 24hr clock, but still. For my part it takes me about 10 minutes to translate the arms on an analog, at which point the time is different. So in theory I can never tell the correct time on an analog clock. I also have a dysfunctional relationship with my snooze button.
    C) No actual point C, but you really need three of these things if you’re going to start using letters.

  6. Perhaps, the discussion is really a preference of round vs. square and how one conceptualizes time?
    Good choice.

  7. I did indeed restart the Scottosphere. Of course, now the man is not updating his web page o’ fun.
    The “filter” is just picturing an analog clock in my head. The point is that an extra step is required for complete understanding when I look at a digital clock, as opposed to when I look at an analog clock, in which case I immediately “know” the time. If that makes any sense.
    Being able to tell someone what time it is, though, is something else entirely. Then you get into converting to language, which is harder on an analog clock, but pretty much immediate with a digital readout. Sort of like a Stroop effect for clocks. Sort of.
    And I love my new alarm clock. It’s tip-top.
    (Oh, the title is from a song from The Pajama Game.)

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