Good purchase.

Check out my new bike. Williamson Bikes was having their Spring Mega-Sale, and I had a $50-off-a-bike coupon, and they had what I was looking for, so I went for it.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, which made for a great first ride out the South-West Trail with Paul. I’m very happy with my purchase. A great bike, and I got a great deal — and I can’t wait to explore greater Madison and Southern Wisconsin. So many trails…


7 thoughts on “Good purchase.

  1. That was engineering – now for a word from the fashion critics: Jaquarand bump-biters? Ooooooo!

  2. Yeah, the leopard trim on the saddle is quite surprising.
    No pics as yet, but hopefully next weekend I’ll have a chance to go out and, since I’m now accustomed enough to the shoes and clips that I won’t fall over when I stop, I’ll probably feel more comfortable bringing along a camera.
    I might need to pick up some of those padded shorts, though… (Even so, the seat it came with is pretty good.)

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