Spring in Wisconsin.

Today I burned a prairie with a bunch of folks from the department. It was hot, smoky, tiring, and a whole lot of fun. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.
Now I am completely exhausted and about to go to bed. Pictures (and a bit of footage) forthcoming.


9 thoughts on “Spring in Wisconsin.

  1. If you could attach an explanation as to what it means to burn a prairie to your pictures and movies, I would be grateful. I keep imagining you torching millions of acres of grassland; then you sit on a huge mountain of buffalo skulls and call up a Sioux reservation to offer them some blankets, half-price.

  2. Tallgrass prairie is a fire-dependent ecosystem. To maintain a prairie (and keep the forest at bay), you gotta burn it. I guess technically the landscape we’re working with is oak savannah, but the same logic applies.
    Of course, you also have be careful. As Gregg said yesterday before we began, “Remember how Aldo Leopold died.”
    More to come!

  3. He died of a heart attack — so says the obit. Did he sufer it while fighting a grassfire he had started and was tending? At 61…it is possible he was not in the good shape one supposes…and/or it was during the 40s.

  4. Yes, he died of a heart attack he suffered while fighting a fire on his property. I believe the comment followed directly on the heels of a crack about the “young folks” and the “old folks”…

  5. We tender elders have that weakness — a result of thinking that because we have expreience we have both insight and humor. I fear that view is little shared among the more serious young folks, which we once were.
    Thanks for confirming what I supposed: experience, doncha know!

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