So the Midwest has this thing called weather.
Right now it is pouring rain, with lightning and thunder — the National Weather Service is calling all of the following:

Hazardous Weather Outlook
Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Watch
Severe Weather Statement

The cars on the street outside sound like they’re driving through four inches of water. And not five minutees ago I was treated to an incomprehensible banging sound from all directions, as though the house were made of corrugated metal and an army of neighborhood children were pelting it with pebbles. Hail. Serious hail. Hard tto tell how big, exactly. I sure hope that, when it’s safe to go outside, my car proves to be unscathed. (Joe just came home and reports that the hail was maybe an inch in diameter, and that all the car alarms around the Union were going off.)
For now, I’m going to sit here and enjoy my soup, and the hushing of the drenched streets.


2 thoughts on “Weather.

  1. I will hope the Saab came out unscathed … but when that happened to the ’74 (and none too soon!) I rushed out onto W108th/NYC with plush blankets in arms and threw them over basre patch of metal they would cover … then hoped for the best (including “…that the wind will not blow them into the gutters)!
    The blankets got drenched, weighed down to a thou###s each, and stayed put. (The ’74 still got minor dents here and there, mostly almost invisible.)
    Here then you have described a reason to invest in the biggest cheapo moving blanket — the kind of quilted canvas blanket they use when moving good furniture from retailer to home — that you can buy (maybe Bud has an old one we can pick up for you): if you can get one [or even two?] of the more oversized ones at 10’X10′, you’d get good protection from them. They ARE a devil to dry out, of couse, but Hey! we’re not talking sleeping under the things — just drifting them over metal and then letting them hang in the sun for a few days.
    A quicker way to get your hands on some is to go local and see what they’ve got that they are idscarding: they get all ripped up and so forth when used a few million times, and all the kapok starts bulging out of them, which is when they break out new ones, discarding the old: UHaul or the like might be your quickest sources.

  2. This post makes me more jealous than the one about spring does!
    Amrys, I spent 20 minutes reading your recent entries just now, and it was well-spent. I hope you do come work on the Bel Aire a bit this Summer!

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