The Wisconsin Idea.

From a speech delivered by T. L. Bewick, agent in charge of boys’ and girls’ club work, University of Wisconsin Extension, circa 1914, entitled “The Wisconsin Farm Orchard — What Shall Be Done With It?”:

I have confidence in the American farmer today that his aim is to act wisely as far as he knows and it is the duty of this society to see that he is enlightened.

I’m glad that I live in this progressive age. I’m proud to be a citizen of this great state. “The Wisconsin Idea” abroad in the land fills me with enthusiasm. The greatest inspiration I have received as a student of the U.W. is a knowledge of the excellent work of the Wisconsin Pure Seed Association, sending its pedigrees throughout the length and breadth of the land with their challenging insignia “Grown in Wisconsin” — but such inspiration and egotism can only be justified in the loyal citizen who stands ready to hold up Wisconsin’s reputation and to fight to raise her standards in every line of occupation.

Talk about an over-the-top profession of progressivism! LaFollette’s ears must have been ringing. (Of course, you gotta love the bit about the seed association. At least, I do, after having reread The Business of Breeding and skimmed through First the Seed today…)
I love the archives.


3 thoughts on “The Wisconsin Idea.

  1. Fully indulging “Sins Against Nature” now. [It is good to know there is someone who sees the tepid expression “force of law” refers to something far far too hot to handle with a hot mind…but I am still testing that against what is left to read.]

  2. You are “never wrong” about these things and, indeed, are not wrong again this time. It is, as promised, a book I would embrace … or so it seems, although I am not much more than two chapters deep so far, most of that “”digested” while at DeNooyer today — an electronic gremlin had popped up twice this month, the second event as I drove into the garage last evening. And of course was gone when I turned her over this a.m. I went to DeNooyer anyhow, arriving about 7:35 a.m.. Cost me a little over a half hour of diagnostics and they came up with nada; drove off and got a half block — zapped! — I turned about and went right back: I was the rest of the day there, driving away about 3:45 p.m., this time FREE owing to the “certified” status, and having been told I’d get back a check for what I’d paid earlier since they’d found the trouble. Go figure — but I sure am glad! Problem: something called the “body control module” — apparently controls everything from the courtesy lights to the dash and radio and clock to the headlights, air bag — you name it. Thanks for the book!

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