Mixed bizness.

As long as I find some kind of summer employment to bring in an income, I think I will be going to the Agricultural History Society conference at MIT in June. Perhaps I can also get my hair cut, or even help a little bit with the carboat… And, if I can make my stay long enough, hit up some Sox and/or some Cantab…
Oh, and ENJOY THE ALLERGEN-FREE OCEAN AIR. Yes. I miss that. Who’s up for a sail?


6 thoughts on “Mixed bizness.

  1. Does this mean that you’re staying in WI for the rest of the summer? We should make plans to meet up in Milwaukee or Chicago and catch a game there… perhaps when I make plans to drive home to Minneapolis. Whenever that will be.

  2. Cantabrigenesis?
    The official representative will be at home but clearly not alone, and maybe flyfishing…but I sure doubt it.

  3. I’ve just become a Kelly devotee in terms of the hairstyling. Plus, I’ll be more likely to indulge myself while on vacation than when living like a poor starving grad student in Madison.
    Looks like koj’s birthday rig will be the previous weekend, so if I plan this right I can hit up the lakehouse as well as the conference. Are the Sox playing at home that week? I’ll have to check it out.
    Speaking of which, can someone pick up one of those mini schedules they give out for free at D’Angelo’s or wherever and mail it along? I’ve got a Brewers one in my wallet right now, but it’s just not the same. Although I hear they’re holding steady at just over .500…

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