Mad City Market.

This weekend marked the first outdoor Farmer’s Market of the year here in Madison. Paul and I headed down after a lovely breakfast at Sophia’s. We ran into Abby and Nick on their way to campus, and then made a circuit ourselves. It’s nice to have the market back outside again — it makes Madison seem more like itself.
At this time of year, it’s mostly cheese, meat, spinach, plants, flowers, honey, and baked goods, but it’s still wonderful to spend your Saturday morning outside with the rest of the city. The weather has been superb here lately, and I have spent many an afternoon enjoying a beer on the Union Terrace. The side effect, though, is that it makes writing these last two papers exceedingly difficult…
Today I was tired enough from having dropped Paul at the airport early that I decided to stick to reading, which I did on the porch in the afternoon sun. It’s perfect weather for sleeping with the window open, for hanging your clothes on the line to dry. I do think that, as long as I can find myself a job, this summer in Madison should be lovely indeed.
Photos from the Farmer’s Market here.


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