Brump bump bahh, bah bah dah!

Just watched the Sox/Yanks game (or, rather, just watched the Sox kick some Yankee ass courtesy of David Ortiz) at a bahhh on State Street, unexpectedly, delightedly, with some pitchers of beeahh and some wings. Chatted with a Kenyan dude about Boston, mostly Wally’s and the Cantab, particularly Little Joe Cook. May have scoffed too loundly at the two chicks cheering for the MFNYYs on the opposite side of the room — but one of them was wearing a Sheffield shirt for God’s sake, so can you really blame me?
I miss Beantown, Rem-Dawg, and WEEI. Even television footage of Fenway makes the heart soar. Sentimental, mayhaps, but seriously you guys.
Props for Doug “Mirabelli Dictu,” who arrived at Logan around 6 pm to catch for Our Boy Wake, via Kowloon on Route One (to pick up the Pu Pu Platter). He proceeded to rough up everyone in the clubhouse on his way to a five-minute complicated handshake with Tim. Theo Epstein was apparently (from what I gathered from the ESPN footage) intently playing some MMORPG all through gametime. Tito looks the same as always.
And the Sox blew it open in like the 8th with Papi’s massive home run, caught by Papelbon in the bullpen. Sheer brilliance.
Shit, man, I’ve missed this!!!
Okay, now I really need to get to work: but just think of the summer, people, the summer! A tent is in the mail, the Sox are on TV, and the work is almost done…


6 thoughts on “Brump bump bahh, bah bah dah!

  1. We missed your presence at the game-viewings, Am. Last week we fired up the first Sox ‘n’ Sausage fest of the season. And last night we took in the game down at the docks with a few longshoremen.

  2. Argh. Upstate. Am, it’s a good thing I got to know you before baseball got in the way. I suspect Paul has no Yankee loyalty, though he’s from Scarsdale?

  3. Indeed: Paul grew up a Mets and Sox fan, so we’re all good there. 😉
    You folks need to come out here. The supermarkets have a huge brat selection year-round. I think Wisconsin is a good place for baseball-viewing…

  4. Hedging his bets in ’86, was he?
    *sigh* All can be forgiven with a tasty grilled brat and some cheese curds, though. Yes, I have now exhausted every ‘Sconsie reference I know. 🙂

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