Year one: done.

Well, folks, as of around 2 p.m. on Friday I successfully completed my first year of graduate school. Abby, Martha, and I promptly started drinking around 3, and I removed all the colored tabs from all my library books for the impending massive return. We then hit up a geography department barbeque out in the freezing cold at Tenney Park till we got too chilled to handle it anymore, at which point we came back to the house and watched an episode of Wonderfalls. Abby and Martha then went to a graduation party, and Paul and I met up with them later at Andrew’s party. This morning we had our usual Sophia’s pastry megabreakfast.
Today’s been pretty lazy, with some more Wonderfalls, some errands, a nice long walk, and a family dinner of Lao Laang Xang takeout with Chocolate Shoppe ice cream to top it all off. I’m looking forward to bed, which will be very soon.
Now to find summer employment…


6 thoughts on “Year one: done.

  1. Well done. I’m still getting on top of my correspondence, but: rest assured! I will get in touch with you.

  2. congrats indeed.
    you like wonderfalls? i like wonderfalls! i actually watched it on fox when it originally aired, which i think made me one of ten people in America. but glad it’s out on dvd. isn’t newage tv great?

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