The great sausage race, and more midwestern fun.

I forgot. I don’t know how I forgot, but I forgot. The other thing I’ve done (and of which I have pictures) since term ended is go see a baseball game in Milwaukee.
There isn’t much of a story: we drove out in a big group, tailgaited in the parking lot for a while, and then watched eight innings of pretty horrible baseball — several triples, some horrendous final score with double digits for both teams. It wasn’t Fenway, the roof was closed, and though tailgaiting is nice (and saves you money), it’s still weird to me to arrive at a ballgame in a car. Most disappointingly, we only had standing rooms, and it’s hard to score a game when (a) you don’t have a seat, (b) most of your companions are way drunker than you, and (c) you miss the first half inning (not to mention several at-bats halfway through when everyone decides they want to find a better spot). I gave up keeping score around the top of the eighth, because it was such a soilfest. I hate to say it, since I live in Wisconsin now, but, despite their kick-ass “mb” logo that makes me want to buy a hat anyway, the Brewers are just not good. And by the time the drunken Sconnies were heckling me for wearing my Sox cap (what was I supposed to do, go bare-headed to a game?) I was ready to LEAVE. I need to get myself some obscure minor league hat like Paul’s got. Either that or come up with some biting comebacks. I guess it could be worse. It could be Yankee Stadium.
Anyway, there are photos. I hope you like them. Oh, and they do a “sausage race” during I think the seventh-inning stretch, in which people dressed up like various types of sausage race around the warning track. It’s pretty incredible.
I think Chicago may be the next destination for me. Baseball indoors is just weird, even if it does keep you dry.


8 thoughts on “The great sausage race, and more midwestern fun.

  1. Glad to hear they still do the sausage race in the new stadium. (I’ve been to County, but that was obviously years ago.)
    We should make plans to meet up in Chicago and see the Cubs and/or White Sox.

  2. Yeah, well, I’d have gone with something like “Well, at least my team can play baseball,” but I figured it would be sort of disingenuous, given that I went into the whole thing wanting to at least try and get behind the Brewers (I know, I know, I felt bad, Erin, considering their opponents). It’s weird to express rancor at any team other than the Yankees.
    I might just havve to get into the whole collegiate-level thing with the Madison Mallards summer league. They play at the Duck Pond, at which there is a seating section called the Duck Blind in which, for $25, you get all the food and beer you want, plus a view from right field. Not too shabby.

  3. Dude, sausage races have nothing on the pierogi races at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. I always root for Potato Pete, but he never seems to win.

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