Run support.

Please read this. And then thank Miss LB for the link.
Man, why couldn’t the Sox pull out that shit when I was in Boston, huh? When I had turned down a professorial conference dinner invitation because I already had plans to watch my boy pitch with the crew — and you know what your mother told you about making and breaking plans. And instead of knuckleball glory the night ends at the Dockside (which I like to think of as “the Dark Side,” pronounced with a Boston accent — cue beer-bottleneck foghorn sound please), with too-lound hip-hop and customers who look at us funny when we cheer, and Journey jukebox efforts that do our team no good.
I think this only proves what I’ve told Laurie and Mike: that, this year at least, the Sox seem to be doing better when I just don’t watch.


2 thoughts on “Run support.

  1. Whistle when you walk through a cemetery — that cemetery: you’ll be safe from your fears ;-D and all will be well…arriving at “Home!”

  2. My mom has the same problem with the Redskins — the more interested she gets in their welfare, the worse their season tends to go.

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