Charles River blues.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I wish I were in Boston right now. The boat-builders are on the water as I type, putting the finishing touches on the carboat’s steering, in preparation for tonight’s festivities. While my heart is warmed by the fact that all my hard work last year (all our hard work, yes, yes) is finally paying off, I am frustrated beyond belief that I can’t be there for the triumphant Fourth-of-July inauguration of The Carboat As We Always Imagined It.
Take lots of pictures, guys, and, above all: Happy Birthday, Scottoway. I’m with you all in spirit.


6 thoughts on “Charles River blues.

  1. The first thing SWMBO asked me today was “I wonder waht they are doing with the carboat … do you know?”
    Now I might tell her.

  2. Thanks, Am! We really missed having you here last night. (We had to make do with your rudders and paddlewheel blades, which were pretty awesome.)

  3. Thanks, benoc! It’s so good to see it all come together. Fingers crossed that JCB can get his photos off his camera as well…

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