Photos up from June.

After wrangling with some computer troubles earlier in the month, I finally have the photos up from my travels out east back in June. The basic story: I flew into Boston, where I spent a few days with the crew, trying to brave the torrential rain, generally enjoying reading Michael Pollan in various North End cafes, and eating a lot of clam chowder, cannoli, and tiramisu. After a few days, I caught a ride down to Kristin’s lake house in Connecticut with Woz, Michelle, and Clay, where I spent some time reading on the deck, watching movies, and hanging out with a whole bunch of people I hadn’t seen in a while, including Rodin, Jim, Amanda, Jason, Jen, and Ian. On Sunday morning, I took the train into the city, where I met up with my parents for Bobbi’s ordination on the grounds of St. John the Divine. The ceremony was lovely and really interesting, and the weather was perfect. We walked around a bit, and then in the evening headed up to Nyack for a big Italian dinner in celebration. I enjoyed a drink with my second grade teacher, which was awesome. Then we all drove back up to Albany.
I spent the next few days at home, hanging with the ‘rents and seeing Steph. Mom and I had a day to ourselves, which was lovely. On Wednesday, we drove back to Boston, had a great lunch at Legal, went to Bob Slate, and then my folks drove back to Boston and I stayed with LB. The next few days I spent at the Agricultural History conference at MIT, which was really worthwhile and stimulating. On my last full day in town, Laurie and Mike and I escaped the city heat by going to the beach, and when we returned we had a delicious BBQ with Pimms and all, followed by some hanging-out with the crew. I watched some NESN, some World Cup, and, apart from my rather hellish trip back (involving being bused from MKE to MSN), had an excellent trip.
I also have put up some pics from a couple of trips to the Grumpy Troll, a great brew-pub out in Mount Horeb, west of here. Good beer, good burgers, good times.
More summer updates involving Madison coming soon!


4 thoughts on “Photos up from June.

  1. How did you like Omnivore’s Dilemma? The man’s got me on the fence for going vegetarian again. Or only eating expensive, free-range, humanely raised and slaughtered meat. And sustainable seafood. Which brings me back to my little wallet and vegetables…

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