After a telephone conversation with JCB earlier this week made me realize how horribly out-of-the-loop I have been (why I should be getting my Boston news via Oxford is beyond me), I have decided that I am going to make an honest effort to post just a little bit more than not-at-all, which seems to have been the recent average.
For now, I would just like to note that, this evening, I discovered chard. Martha and I picked some up at the East Side Farmers’ Market on Tuesday, and we sauteed some up tonight to go along with our pasta. The taste is somewhere between spinach and beet greens — in other words, delicious. I’m now officially a fan.
Since I’m now willing to admit that, yes, I’m a food person, please direct your attention to this article by Bill Buford in the New Yorker on food television. I read it last night over dinner (what else), marveling at the fact that Emeril is from Fall River and Rachel Ray got her start at Cowan & Lobel in Stuyvesant Plaza back home in Albany (how weird) — and, of course, at the surprisingly broad ground Buford is able to cover in this snapshot.
We talked about nineteenth-century public sanitation and water works projects today in one of my classes, and I was reminded of the Boston Water Works at Chestnut Hill. I went back and read Johnston’s paper on the Sudbury Aqueduct, and looked through the documents he’d collected about engine-builder Leavitt. Still the sort of stuff I go ga-ga over. Maybe I’ll have to switch topics someday…


5 thoughts on “Reemergence.

  1. I’d like to think this post is a direct result of my jab from yesterday.
    But seriously, what are you doing out there? I know it’s Baking Season, but seriously.

  2. Has it been so long since your family have tossed down chard that even your recall power does not draw it up out of mere prehistorical memory?
    THIS will be reported to SWMBO as a weekend “must!”
    Along with…VOW/cleaning out the dry stems/planting of bulbs.

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