Last night I slept in fleece pants, hiking socks, a silk long underwear top, a thermal shirt, and a wool hat (though the latter two had been removed by the time I woke up). This getup has been referred to as “hot, in a Minnesota kind of way.” We haven’t yet fired up the woodstove, the heat’s not on, and it is officially chilly in this house. The contents of the french press don’t stay hot very long in the mornings, and it’s brutal getting out of the shower. But there’s a mix of rain and snow in the forecast, which I’m hoping means that this weekend will be woodstove time.
I slept in today: till 9 am, which is unheard of these days. It might be classed as marvelous beyond compare. I feel more rested and awake than I have in a week, and ready to tackle this book review that’s due tomorrow, not to mention reading. But I have a feeling I’ll be doing all of that in bed… Or somewhere else, where there’s heat.


2 thoughts on “Octobrrrrrr.

  1. HOT off the press!
    Hope you put on that thermal shirt BEFORE the silk top, which would hold the air pocket body heat.
    It is when I get to this point (ready to click on “Post”) that my frustration sets in: when I click, the comment will be rejected because I have not filled in the correct numerical code; BUT there is no numerical code showing, which to replicate). Of well, here goes!

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