Sweet Lou and friends.

I might add that I tuned in to game one of the ALCS last night and was surprised to see Lou Pinella — in a shirt and tie no less — commentating with the Fox rubes. I don’t think I ever would have known who it was if they hadn’t told me: it’s hard to recognize the man when he’s wearing anything other than a tracksuit and a Tampa Bay cap, and doing anything apart from looking like an old Floridian retiree who wandered in to the hapless D-Rays’ dugout from a neighboring community. Okay, so an exaggeration, but I do think he’s started dying his hair.
Speaking of aging managers, I saw a picture of Joe Torre on mlb.com last night that showed his thinning hair. I immediately realized that I’d never seen him without a Yankees cap on. I guess it’s a good way to hide your hair loss. And, wait, there were rumors about him being replaced by Sweet Lou? And, wait, we don’t have a nickname for Joe Torre? How is that possible?


3 thoughts on “Sweet Lou and friends.

  1. Wow, is this corner of the blogosphere blowing up again?
    Have you heard Sweet Lou speak on the broadcast? It’s painful. He sounds like he’s 80 years old. Which he very well might be, actually.
    There’s no nickname that would do justice to Torre’s aura of schtonk.

  2. Yeah, he does sound aged. But at least he says things that are mildly interesting/informative. Usually.
    How about the Torre-nado? Heh. That’s awful.

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