Historical Hallowe’en.

Folks. I need to think up a good costume for the history department Hallowe’en party this Saturday. Preferably something that doesn’t cost much in the way of monetas, and that is easy to put together. I’m kind of uninspired here. How can I top the Maude costume of last year?
So, yes, suggestions are welcome.


5 thoughts on “Historical Hallowe’en.

  1. Allow me to suggest Dorothea Lange. I don’t know what she looks like, but just get dusty and carry a camera. Maybe talk about the grim hardships of the Dust Bowl.

  2. Cardboard box is cheap, and big ones are a dime a dozen at some stores – like markets.
    Turn a larger rectangle into a table top and wear it over your head as a talking be-headedness on a table top.
    A cheap (even plastic?) picnic table cloth would provide the rest of the costume, hanging most of the way down your body: you could occasionally squat to make the illusion complete.
    PS: The code alert: there it is…finally!

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