Hallowe’en 2006.

Hallowe’en in Madison is a pretty big deal. This year, however, I decided to forego the State Street madness — I figure, you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen all you’ll see — and stick to the East Side. Andrew was having a party just across the way, so we had a few people over to our place beforehand. Abby was dressed as Tom, the orange-clad man who plays the piccolo on Library Mall. I had thrown together a costume in the spirit of Rosie the Riveter, à la the “We Can Do It” poster. Chris decided to cross-dress, so I loaned him a wig and helped with the makeup. Mitch showed up dressed as a tourist; David and Becca were members of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
After some beers and some carrot cake (courtesy of David), we headed over to Andrew’s. Kellen showed up as a Nascar guy; Annie was the tooth fairy; Todd was himself; Beth’s inspired costume was Mark Foley’s closet. Sarah and John were buttered biscuits — a little hard to guess, but very well-done. The winner of the costume contest, in the end, was Matt the mentee, who was dressed as a girl Coastie: Ugg boots, leggings, Wisconsin sweatshirt, huge sunglasses, and a cell phone. Abby’s title from last year has been passed on!
I didn’t stick around till the end, since I have so much work to do today, but the party was lots of fun; and the extra hour has helped in the sleeping department. Photos from the evening are here.


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