Forward March.

It’s suddenly March, and I have but a month left in which to finish revising and polishing my MA paper. I also have to submit an abstract for a workshop by the fifteenth, prepare a short talk for the prospective students for the sixteenth, and get enough of the MA writing/editing done by the twenty-somethingth so that I’m ready to host JCB on his first visit to Madison.
So there is much to do. But the good news: I’m sitting in a coffeeshop on Atwood that makes fabulous lattes and that’s enough off the beaten-path that I might consider ensconcing myself here for a full day to do work. And the seminar I’m taking is going well. And Paul has been here for his spring break (yes, it has snowed much of the week), and we’ve had a great time, even if we haven’t been our most productive. And we are beginning to make summer vacation plans (Maine, here we come!), and of course celebrating his biggest, best news: the job.
In a month, things should be very fine indeed: spring, a master’s paper submitted and done, a visit from a great friend enjoyed, plenty of time to write a term paper, and the return of outdoor farmer’s markets. Ah, Madison!
And in the meantime, I will try to keep blogging…


4 thoughts on “Forward March.

  1. Ya just do not understand: it’s the accent you are missing, as in “When I am drinking one of these, well, I’ll just get to it latt[er]…” but without the r growl, eh!

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