The new writing style.

This morning, after an unexpectedly delicious breakfast of grapefruit, eggs, potatoes fried up with onions, kale, and coffee, I decided to turn over a new leaf in the writing/working/MA paper department. So I packed up all my books and files, loaded up my car, and organized everying in and on my desk at my office, of which I haven’t taken nearly enough advantage this semester. There’s far more space here than at my “desk” at home (two Steelcase typing tables pushed together in the corner, plus a plastic file tub and some plastic drawer sets from Target), and now that the cold weather’s past I think the place might even be warm enough to do work in (the heater’s a bit unreliable). There’s a coffeemaker, a hot water pot, a microwave, and a fridge here, plus a whiteboard and lots of desktop space. And a place for my library books! I am definitely out of bookshelf space at home.
So hopefully now I will be doing all my work here in the next few weeks, with everything at my fingertips and an atmosphere of productivity. And now: to have my lunch and write!


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