I think that about sums it up at the moment. My P.O. server is down, so no incoming email until further notice.


2 thoughts on “poS.mit.edu

  1. You still use their stuff? Maybe this incident will be an impulse to change your email provider.
    All the power outages/problems, server overloading, regular long queues and delays for incoming email, and my first-hand look at how things *really* work during my time working at IS&T was enough for me. I won’t mention any names, and in many ways the folks over there in that group are brilliant, but they lack a little thing we like to call “the production mentality.”
    Email’s not something you want to fool around with — trust me on this. Hopefully they won’t just lose the whole disk/disk-array and have to go back to an old tape backup. Sorry for the rant.

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