Weekend update.

It’s been a good few days here in Mad-City. JCB arrived on Friday evening, and was here until early this afternoon, so we were able to have a great time enjoying the extremely unseasonable summer weather that came through over the weekend. The housemates and I took him out to a good Wisconsin fish fry on Friday, followed by a sampling of the local brews at the Crystal Corner. Saturday, Jeff and I bummed around campus and downtown. I think on that day alone the lake completely unfroze, possibly in a strange sublimation. There was a huge cloud of fog over the lake for most of the day, and by Monday (when it got up to 80 degrees) the lake was completely ice-free.
In addition to enjoying the Terrace and the rest of downtown in the lovely weather, we also had a great dinner with David and Becca, hung out at a coffeeshop with Peter, hit up the Roman Candle, enjoyed some Sophia’s croissants, did some work in the library, played games, dined at the Weary, cooked a few dinners (including a summer-style grill scene of brats and beer, due to the warm weather), and generally hung out, A-Side. Calls were made, points were awarded. A good time was had by all.
And on Monday I learned that I received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship I applied for! While I can’t really celebrate until I hand in the master’s paper, I am still pretty excited. This means that I can get my Ph.D. with a lot less in the way of financial worry. Hooray! At right you see me pictured with the congratulatory banana my friend Anna gave to me. Cutest “card” ever!
It was kind of sad to see Jeff go, since we had such a great time — but it was good to get back to some solid work this afternoon. There is much to do over “spring break” next week, but I’m confident that everything will come together in the end.
And now for a bit of exercise and some dinner!


6 thoughts on “Weekend update.

  1. That’s wonderful, Am. I’m happy that you’ll be getting bountiful paychecks for several years! Also: you look great. I’d be smiling that wide if I had news like that, too.

  2. CONGRATS on the fellowship, Am! You rock! Brats, beer, banana-cards… sounds awesome.
    (and that makes 2 of us for the NSF! whoa Putz!)

  3. Dude! TFaz! Rock on!
    I had no idea. That’s awesome. Let’s celebrate together this summer, NYC-style, presuming my travels take me that way…

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