Done, for real.

MA paper: “Head, Heart, Hands, and Health: 4-H, Ecology, and Conservation in Wisconsin, 1930-1950,” submitted via email and in hard copy.
MA checklist: handed in.
PhD app: submitted.
Me: very happy.


9 thoughts on “Done, for real.

  1. Huzzah! You are a master! I’m theoretically one… but I think we’ll be honest-to-goodness doctors together. 🙂

  2. Hopefully since you’ve turned your paper in, you’re watching ESPN right now, since the Sox are on Wednesday Night Baseball. Matsuzaka – Hernandez, 4 innings in 60 minutes. 1-0 Mariners. And I think Remy is wearing a hairpiece.
    And otherwise, congrats and I hope you’re well.

  3. And seriously, seriously, Don just said:
    “Ichiro has been Dice-K’d!!”
    Hopefully ESPN is using Don and Jerry, because you lose a lot without them.

  4. Thanks, folks. =) There was a wee bit of partying on Monday night — half price margaritas at a place on State Street — and I took my advisor out for a beer at the Union yesterday after class, which was nice. And, yes, I noticed that tonight’s game was on ESPN, but unfortunately I don’t have cable at home, and due to the rather unexpected snowstorm that descended upon Madison today, I wasn’t feeling super excited about checking out a dead-empty bar on a Wednesday night by myself. Man, I miss Don and Jerry. And, for that matter, Joe and Jerry.
    However, I have discovered that at least two of my friends have cable, so I will be descending upon them with greater frequency as the season progresses.
    Oh, and did I mention I’m going to see White Sox @ Tigers next weekend? That’ll be major league ballpark number three for me.

  5. Dude, I’m sorry to say that it’s Joe, Dave and Glenn on the radio now. Trup was canned when they moved the broadcast from ‘EEI to ‘RKO. It’s some serious suckage.

  6. Yay! Welcome to the club! (of those who have mastered…)
    I dug up old videos of Academy choir concerts…when we were all so young and unmastered!

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