Beat to the punch.

One night last week, I uploaded the backlog of photos I’ve been wanting to put up — and the next day, before I could put together the blog entry with which I was planning to introduce those photos, our phone line went dead, and we lost internet at the house until Saturday.
As a result MRhé has blogged about my vacation before I even had a chance. Or, rather, he’s linked to the photos. I’m hoping to offer an accompanying narrative soon enough.
But first: let’s talk about the weather. I wasa awakened this morning (of all mornings I wanted to sleep in, since I was fighting a cold yesterday) by some of the loudest, closest thunder I’ve ever heard. I opened my eyes and, had I not looked at my clock, I would have been sure the day was just dawning. But it was in fact nearly nine o-clock, and very, very cloudy. This is turning out to be one of those mornings that require you to turn all the lights on in the house just to make it feel like you’re up and at ’em — and then, when you do, the warm light inside and the dreary day outside just make you want to curl up with a cup of tea and read all day. Which I may in fact do, depending on whether or not I’m feeling well enough to go to campus.
Perhaps, though, this is better than yesterday’s sun and clear skies — perhaps it is better suited to how I’m feeling than yesterday was. It is very hard to stay indoors and get the rest you need to fight a cold (oh! that thunder) when it is the second nice day in a row after more than a week of cloudy skies, humidity, and rain (emphasis on what it did to the southwest portion of the state). Lounging about reading is fine, but you really feel like you should be doing it outside, and the tendenc is actually to push yourself to go outside and do something active (like ride your bike around on errands) instead of taking a hot bath and tucking yourself in and putting the book away.
So here is what I’ve determined: today will likely be a day at home, involving tea and perhaps baking cookies. I will do work, but I will do it here. And I will make some much-needed updates to this sad excuse for a blog, for I feel ther eis much to tell. Summer is almost over, and it had only just begun when last I wrote.


4 thoughts on “Beat to the punch.

  1. Heh funny you mention that – I was wondering why you didn’t put up a post to accompany the pics (although I’m lacking one myself). Sorry to jump the gun!

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