Good news for disaster.

Check it out: the seminar I’m taking on disaster and catastrophe made front page news in the Wisconsin State Journal today. Above the fold, even.
If today’s discussion is any indication, it’s gonna be a really interesting class.


One thought on “Good news for disaster.

  1. RE “What gave Hurricane Katrina such punch was more than its massive destructive power, Keller said. The most devastating natural disaster in the country’s history also ripped the lid off racial and economic inequities that had previously been relatively hidden from mainstream view.”
    There is little doubt that this observation is a truism, but it fails to spot the really important issue in the background: that those who often — perhaps most often — manipulate racial differences to their own ends and play economic inequities for their own purposes (political and otherwise) may be the very people NOT named by the tongues of the common man or woman in the street. Watrch closely to see whether your prof unloads the crap surrounding those closest and most responsible like a medieval defensive moat: the acronymic wonder, NO Mayor Nagin – and the state Governor. They made hay on that one. Others are left paying the price.
    If the prof does not unload that insight of his own accord, then you’ll know a keener truth that cuts like a knife.

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