Tales from Planet Earth.

The Center for Culture, History, and Environment‘s free film festival Tales from Planet Earth kicks off tonight at the Orpheum here in Madison. Bill McKibben is speaking, followed by the world premiere of eight short films made by all the students in the production class I’m taking this semester with filmmakers Judith Helfand and Sarita Siegel, as well as my awesome advisor, Gregg Mitman, and the Madison premiere of Judith’s and Dan Gold’s latest film, Everything’s Cool. For the class, it’ll be a reunion of sorts, as our Final Cut Pro instructor extraordinaire Erika Simon will be coming back, and we’ll get to see Dan again, who gave us a crash course in videography. (Are we lucky or what?) I’m a bit nervous to see my work on the big screen (and a big screen it is, the Orpheum being a wonderful big old theater with a curtain and balcony and everything), but very excited for the projects we’ve worked on so long and hard to be given a venue and an audience. I have high hopes for the festival, too, about which there’s already quite a buzz, and which should be a fantastic kickoff event for CHE.
If you can’t be around for the festival and want to see what we’ve been up to, some of the student trailers (including mine) on the theme “What’s so natural about Wisconsin?” are available for streaming here. I did mine on the Wisconsin Fish Fry tradition.
It should be a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Tales from Planet Earth.

  1. Loved the trailer! I was in Wisconsin for about 20 hours once, and it happened to be a Friday, and I happened to go to a fish fry. It was at this really weird place called Hmmmrrrrph’s or something like that (really). No vowels. Being a strange New Englander, I got a kick out of taking part in another strange regional gig. Hope you are well.

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